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Random Favorites

ColorBlue, because I can see it best
AnimalAside from the abyx, the cheetah, for no reason whatsoever
FontCourier New
  • Minecraft
  • Minecraft Dungeons
  • Bloons Tower Defense 6
  • Mahjong
  • Clash Royale


I'm AbyxDev (/ˈæbɪksˌdɛv/). To the right is an abyx (/ˈæbɪks/), a fictional animal with a beak, horns, eyes, ears, a fin, and a hide that is neither skin nor fur nor feathers.

Note to potential employers: This page is more about me personally. If you're looking for me professionally, you may want to check out my work, my skills, my LinkedIn profile, or my resume.

Some Basics

AgeI started university in 2021
LocationToronto, Ontario, Canada

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